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Grout Sealing

A finishing coat of TS Property Care clear grout sealant or color sealant can protect your grout lines from spills. 

For Stubborn spots, we recommend color sealant to restore your grout to a uniform color while offering the same benefits as the clear sealant.

Male homeowner uses toothbrush and grout color_sealer to paint tile grout lines in the kit

Grout Sealing Process 

First, our technicians will start off by sweeping away the dust and dirt in the area in need of service.

Then, they will spray the area with our cleaning solution(s) and let it sit for about 10 minutes. 

Next, they'll start cleaning your tile and grout thoroughly with the proper tool or machine.  

After that, they'll allow the area to completely dry.

Finally, our technicians will start sealing every grout line with either clear sealant or color sealant. 

Grout Sealing: Services
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